D. Yeo Auto Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated to take over the business as a going concern under the sole proprietorship known as Yeo Auto Trading. The sole proprietorship was operated by Mr. Donald Yeo since 1st October 1984 with the principal activities as car dealer.

On 25th June 1988, Mr Donald Yeo incorporated D. Yeo Auto Sdn. Bhd. to take over all the business of Yeo Auto Trading due to the rapid growth and expansion of business. Under the management of Mr. Donald Yeo now we own 4 showrooms that all situated in muar. Due to the increase demand for cars, the business is expected to achieve new height for the coming years.

Managing Director of D. Yeo Auto Sdn. Bhd - Mr. Donald Yeo is an aggressive businessman. He has about 39 years of experience in the carline and also is the main driving force and soul figure behind the growth of the company. He is the promoter and major shareholder of the company.

Mr. Donald Yeo is in charge of the overall management of the company and provides the overall direction of the company. He also involved in formulating and implementing the business strategies and identifying new business ventures of the company to ensure that the company attains the desired continuous growth and profitability.